The Board of Grannell Community Energy are excited to announce that they are giving you the opportunity to enter a special competition to win £250 worth of shares in its wind turbine.

Anyone who buys shares will become a member of the community-led project and become a co-owner of the wind turbine. By doing so, members will help reduce climate change and can expect approximately 5% return on their investment over the life of the project. Now, one special person is being given a chance to have their own initial investment boosted by a gift of a further £250 of shares.

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is to sign up to become a member, the minimum share purchase for people outside Ceredigion is £250, and £100 for those local to the project.

Once you’ve joined, you will be sent a link for an online form to complete and all you have to do is answer one simple question, complete a sentence in your own words, and let us know how you heard about us, to be in with a chance of winning the additional shares. It really is that easy! But hurry, Grannell is only going to enter existing members and new people who become members between now and 30 November 2018.

Why not give your friends and family a chance to win? If you buy shares for a child, parent, or friend, you also get another chance to enter, for yourself or for them. If they buy themselves shares, they can also enter themselves. So, spread the word, as we won’t be extending the dates on this competition!

Chair of Grannell Community Energy, Leila Kiersch, said: “We know we are asking you to join us and make an investment to enter the competition, but we can’t pay to put up the wind turbine or give away shares if we don’t have enough members. As per our share offer projections, every member is due to get their investment back and a small return on it as well, not just the winner!”
She adds: “As for Grannell, we are just a few caring people following in the footsteps of LOADS of other community energy projects. We are a registered, not-for-profit, community benefit society, with a volunteer Board of Directors and no paid staff.”
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Grannell Community Energy is supported by Sharenergy, based in Shrewsbury, who have facilitated over 30 community energy projects throughout the UK. Their extensive experience is being brought to bear on this project through the Renew Wales programme.

In addition, the Welsh Government is supporting the project through its new Energy Service, which supports the public and community energy sectors in Wales to develop energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.