Grannell Community Energy (Grannell) is one of the very last onshore community wind projects in the UK to secure a Feed-in Tariff.

The Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) scheme is a government programme designed to promote the uptake of renewable and low-carbon electricity generation technologies. It was introduced on 1 April 2010 and will be phased out by March 2019.
Over the last two years the FIT scheme and its tariffs have been reduced considerably every quarter, and also rationed so very few projects have been able to get any FIT at all. The number of new installations that can receive support under the FIT scheme each month is capped, and Grannell was one of the last community led project of its kind in the UK to be eligible.
Jeremy Thorp from Sharenergy said: “Grannell has managed to secure a FIT, and although it seems low, the group has cleverly designed their project to work at this level, reducing costs by using a high quality refurbished Enercon wind turbine from Holland and by obtaining a loan from the new Development Bank of Wales.”

Grannell applied for the FIT scheme in December 2016, and according to Ofgem records the group’s wind turbine is one of only five across the UK which will receive a FIT at the same rate. In fact, Grannell is one of the last 25 onshore turbines in the UK which will receive any government support of any sort.

In the case of Grannell’s wind turbine near Lampeter, the FIT provides a payment for each unit of energy the turbine generates. The wind turbine has qualified for a FIT of 1.92p/kWh, which will be increased by RPI over the 20 years of its existence.

Jeremy adds: “The implications for wind power are grim, there will be very few projects which can survive without some level of support. Those that can will likely only be very large wind farms in remote areas, rather than medium scale community-owned projects.”

If you would like to support one of the last community-owned wind turbines in the UK, consider joining the project by buying shares. You can apply online via the website or by sending a paper form in the post.

Grannell Community Energy is supported by Sharenergy, based in Shrewsbury, who have facilitated over 30 community energy projects throughout the UK, and their extensive experience is being brought to bear on this project.